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Steven E. Rosenfeld is known as one of the best divorce lawyers in NYC. Mr. Rosenfeld is also an accomplished commercial litigator. We are a client centered firm that always places the needs of our clients first. We are aggressive when we need to be and are never afraid to fight it out in court. However, we are experienced negotiators as well and only seek to resolve matters in court when necessary and only pursuant to our client’s direction.

Only those seeking the very best in legal representation become our clients. We offer unmatched, professional, aggressive, client centered representation. While treating clients with compassion and close attention, our attorneys aggressively seek to obtain the best results the law allows.


Abakan, Inc. v. Uptick Capital, LLC 934 F.Supp2d 410 (S.D.N.Y.2013)

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The Importance of Assuring Subject Matter Jurisdiction Exists Prior to Commencing a Case in Federal Court

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