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Why experienced matrimonial counsel is necessary in a divorce.

Perhaps you are thinking about filing for divorce.  Perhaps your spouse has just informed you that she/he wants a divorce.  Going through a divorce is one of the most painful processes someone will experience.  The divorce laws can be complex and the manner in which they are implemented may be different depending upon certain variables, including, but not limited to the county in which an action is brought.

While many believe that they can represent themselves in a divorce, this is generally not a good idea.  Children and assets such as homes, retirement accounts, business interests, and other financial assets can make a divorce quite complex.  Add in the emotional aspects of losing a spouse and representing oneself,pro seis usually a recipe for disaster.

Retaining an experienced matrimonial counsel to represent you in a divorce could be invaluable to your divorce.  Experienced matrimonial counsel will aid you in obtaining maintenance (alimony), child support, and equitable distribution of marital property.  If you are the “monied spouse” (sometimes a misnomer), seasoned matrimonial counsel can assist you in minimizing your expenses.  If you have a professional license or own a business or are married to someone who has a professional license or owns a business, the business or professional license may be marital property subject to equitable distribution.  Thus, hiring experienced matrimonial counsel could aid you in protecting these assets or fighting for your rights.

We have represented celebrities, professional athletes, business owners, finance and other professionals and their spouses in near every type of divorce and family matter imaginable.  We have represented these individuals in New York, Bronx, Kings, Queens, Richmond, Westchester, Putnam, Rockland, Nassau, and Suffolk Counties in New York and throughout New Jersey as well.  Thus, we at the Law Offices of Steven E. Rosenfeld, P.C. have the experience necessary to protect and fight for your rights in a divorce.  Call us to schedule a consultation today.

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